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    Page alignment of TOC

    I'm working with a Word file that has a table of contents that is vertically aligned on the page, which looks ok until you get to the last page, which has only 3 items on it which are centered vertically on the page. Is there a way to change this to top alignment? Selecting the TOC and changing the vertical alignment in Page Setup/Layout has no effect. I'm using Word 2010.

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    The page alignment applies to the entire section that the TOC is sitting in. In pages that are full of content, you can't really see the alignment but it is pretty obvious on a page with three lines.

    Be careful of selecting content when going to the Page Setup > Layout dialog. There is a drop down to determine the 'applicability' of the layout (Selected text, Selected sections, or Whole document). If you choose selected text then section breaks can be inserted into the document.

    If making a change to your TOC section's page layout has no effect then there is something funny going on in your document. Does the Vertical Alignment setting remain on 'Center' even though you choose 'Top Alignment' or does the dialog say that the content is top aligned?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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