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    the scottish referendum. september friday, 19th, 2014

    First result was at 1.32am, (gmt) Clackmannanshire. the turnout was 89% and other constituancies were much higher, a record amount of votes.

    Nationally, the margin of victory was 55% "Yes" to 45% "No".

    Overall, the numbers of people who voted.
    No 2,001,926
    Yes 1,617,989

    David Cameron PM was delighted by the "No" result, which he says settles the issue for at least a generation.

    pics of the night unfolding,

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    Bonnie Prince Charlie just rolled over in his grave.
    Of course he could go back to slumber, Scotland still won.
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    It is possible for the British to turn out to vote - or Scottish residents in this case. It's pity they don't turn out like this for general elections, then the pollies would get a feel for what the electorate really thinks of them.

    /rant off

    cheers, Paul

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    At the last General Election I couldn't even be bothered to vote as the 3 main political parties were (and still are) all as bad as each other and I was sick to death of one scandal after another, usually fraudulent allowance claims. I suspect the next General Election may be a little different (even if the politico's snouts are still firmly in the trough... as is quite obvious from recent reporting in the national press).

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    Ahh, the national press. When I was a press officer I had a tag which said: "If the papers get it right, it's probably a misprint'.

    If you don't vote, you can't complain about the government you get. Perhaps there should be more independent candidates and we should vote them into parliament....

    I once saw a bumper sticker (fender sticker to our American cousins) which said 'keep politics out of government.' I like it!

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    The big losers in this referendum seem to be (once again) the pollsters. Up until the day before the vote they were saying the result was too close to call. Then the poll happens and there is a spread of 10 percent. There's no way that should have been too close to call if the polls were of any validity.

    The bookies got it right! The big difference is they ask what the result will be rather than how you intend to vote like the pollsters do. People love to predict almost as much as they love to lie.

    Even worse was using social media as a bellweather - that sample is significantly skewed demographically and the concept is flawed in any case.

    As a Quebecer I would have to say Mr Cameron is wrong - nationalism is rooted in emotion and rational details like economic facts or the lessons of history have little bearing - the separation question will live on and resurface as soon as the time feels right once more. In the short term the Scots will be expecting the promises of self-determination and increased autonomy to be kept; it will be interesting to see if Westminster will follow through. If not it will be back sooner, but the estimate of a generation is very unlikely.


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