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    Word 2010 - Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    First, what I want to do:

    In Word 2003, I have these custom buttons on one of my toolbars: Capture2003.PNG They have custom screen tips: Paragraph Marks Out, Paragraph Marks In, Show/Hide , and each one runs a macro that does just what you'd think it would: show no formatting, show paragraph marks only, toggle showing all or none of the formatting marks.

    I've duplicated the macros in Word 2010 and added three buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. They look like this: Capture2010.JPG. There are no custom screen tips, so they show Normal.NewMacros.Macro2, Normal.NewMacros.ParagraphMarksIn, and a box that describes what the button does.

    I'd like Word 2010 to deal with these macros as close as possible to the way I do it in Word 2003. The first step is changing the first two screen tips (the third one is fine). The second is installing the custom button images.

    Now what I've done so far:

    I don't know how to change the screen tips, and I haven't seen anything about doing it. I know that adding custom button images can be done, and I've read what seems to be the best article on doing it, which seems to be THIS. Unfortunately, it tells me to "open the Custom UI Editor," but doesn't say anything about how to do that. Word's Help doesn't seem to mention that editor.

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    See Modifying the QAT and Ribbon and Modify QAT \ Ribbon Button Icon \ Text

    Modifying the QAT is easy. Short screen tips are called labels in the interface. Long screen tips are not difficult but you can't do it through the interface, you need to edit the XML.

    Images other than stock images are tougher. There is a small selection of stock images that I would guess you have found. Any icon in Office can be used if you know its name by modification of the XML. Custom images require a custom image in the ribbon. This is an order of magnitude more difficult.

    Word 2003 and earlier toolbar icons were MUCH easier.
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