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    Word Table Header Row won't appear if protected in a template

    I have created a full page table that will be used as a template. I have designated the first 5 rows as the header row and added a few text box and dropdown controls within those 5 rows. The rest of the table is for data entry and the user should be able to create more rows as needed and of course, I want the header row to appear on subsequent pages. I created a continuous section break after the fifth row of the header row. When I protect the top section of the table that has the rows with controls, the header will not show up on subsequent pages. Is there a solution to have the header appear on a second page and still create new rows as needed?

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    Adding a section break will split the table into two separate tables so the heading row repeat won't work in that case.

    If you need the section break to allow protection of the heading rows then perhaps you should place the heading rows in the header of that section and minimise the size of the following paragraph which must follow the table. This will give you a small space between the rows in the header and the rest of the table but that is the best you could hope to achieve if the section is to be protected.
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    If you're using Word 2007 & later with content controls, you can also use read-only restrictions, then mark the editable areas as exceptions. No need for Section breaks, etc.

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