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    Possible to speed up wireless download speed?

    I have cable internet and a Win7 desktop directly connected to the Motorola SB6121 modem. It is getting download speeds of 26 Mbpsand upload at 2.3.
    We have a laptop Windows 8.1 about 2 years old that connects through a Belkin G wireless router (F5D7234-4 v3). The laptop is getting download speeds of 9-13 and uploads at 2+.
    If I connect the laptop directly it shows download speed at 26 Mbps. Is this a common thing to lose so much speed by going through a wireless connection? Is it the wireless router? Knowledgeable information appreciated.

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    Is this a common thing to lose so much speed by going through a wireless connection?
    Yes, from a practical standpoint that can be quite common as you are actually dealing with 2 networks, the LAN/Ethernet connection that can be as fast as 1000Mbps [Gigabit] if the hardware supports it, the Network Interface Card/adapter in the computer, the Ethernet cable and the Router. The Wi-Fi is a different type network using a wireless connection to the Router. After the Router is the Modem for connecting to the WAN/Wide Area Network. Speed of the wireless is determined by the hardware, the type of Router and the wireless adapter in the computer 802.11g/n. I see that type of difference between my wired and wireless computers, both Desktop and Notebook, although at my lower Internet speed the difference is not as great. I use a Gigabit Router and 802.11n wireless adapters.
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    The wireless G spec has a theoretical maximum speed of 54Mbs (mega bits per second). It doesn't take much signal degradation to reduce this to 10Mbs. You may also find your speed measurement is not using the same scale, check if you are measuring mega bits or mega bytes.

    cheers, Paul

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