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    Autosaving system images and incremental files to Dropbox

    I use ShadowProtect as my backup software and it saves a system image weekly and daily incremental backups to a hard drive, which fills up pretty quickly as the full system image is ~ 400GB. Consequently, if I don't pay careful attention, the hard drive fills up and there's not enough space to store many system images. I was thinking of getting a business version of Dropbox, which offers unlimited storage, to store these files, but want to know if there's some way to automate the process so that as soon as ShadowProtect completes a system image and incremental backup, those files are transferred to the Dropbox account. Is this possible?

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    I know its been a while, but having spotted your question: I can't see that you need to do anything special - just set the dropbox folder to the place where Shadowpeotect saves its files, and they should sync automatically. Mind you, unless you have a very fast internet connection, uploading 400GB might take some time...

    Of course, if Shadowprotect runs 'offline' (without Windows in the background) then Dropbox won't know about the new files until Windows next starts, but that won't stop, but merely delay, the syncing.

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