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    Laptop lost keyboard functionality from Windows update.

    I used to have updates set to auto-update as recommended by Microsoft. Last week I thought I had the keyboard go bad on my laptop. It ceased to work. Could not enter pwd via keyboard. Used the onscreen keyboard to logon on, only to learn the keyboard still didn't work. The finger pad (mouse pad component) didn't work either, but I had a USB mouse to get around that. I took my laptop to my computer guy. Once he figured out how to remove the keypad (pry it out from the top on this HP Pavilion dv7) as opposed to disassembling the laptop to drop it out from the bottom, he determined it was still connected properly... he put in one of his hard drives to boot from and the keyboard worked. The hardware proved Good. He put my HD back in and booted from my C-drive and the keyboard would not work. If not hardware/firmware, must be software... Using a USB keyboard and mouse he restored my Windows OS to a restore point from earlier that day, backing out the windows updates that had been done automatically that day. And full functionality was returned to my keyboard/ Laptop. I now have Automatic updates set to Not update automatically, but to ask me.
    How long do youse guys (near enough to NY) think I need to wait until I can tell my laptop to go ahead and apply (re-apply) the Windows Updates? Thanks for your insight. OH, a side note: There was 1 and only 1 restore point to be seen.... There should have been more... don't know what's going on with this either...

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    Did you check the list of updates before installing it? Where here any keyboard drivers?

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