Hi Guys, Well I did the dismantle and clean procedure. The day I put it all back together it crashed a couple of times, when left idle. If I remember to put it to sleep before I leave it, it's ok, doesn't crash. I had a look at the event log but it only records the restart. Please let me know which logs to attach, so we can get to the bottom of this problem. Thanks again for your help.

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Thanks for the advice Jerry. Yes I will do everything possible before taking it apart. First up I've put my big battery in, that lifts the back of the laptop about an inch off the ground. I checked all the intakes and outlets and they looked okay but it's difficult to see the CPU fan. I checked Temperature yesterday, not under a big load but it looked good about 63C on idle and 72C under a small load. That's a lot better than high 80s. I'll need to buy a trestle table before I can strip it down coz not enough space at the moment. After all the tests looks like an overheat problem. Still checking.