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    VBA Code to Macro, need help!

    I have an web access dbase published, and need to secure the navigation form tabs based on the currentwebuser. The tabs which need to be secured on the form are as follows: cmdadminbutton; cmdTDbutton; cmdBASbutton. I also have following tables:

    Users (fields: UserName, UserLogin, UserSecurity)

    Security Level (field: Security Level) = ID 1 = Admin ; 2 = TD and 3 = BAS

    I have a Login text field name "txtUser"

    I want to do exactly this:

    but, I can't use the VBA code that was created in the demo above since web access does not take code nor the DLookup function.

    Here's what I came up with but I know its wrong, well because it doesn't work

    attached is what i have for the macro (don't laugh )

    Please reply as soon as possible, thanks!!!!!
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