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    Problem opening IE using VBA on the Mac - Urgent (Word 98/2001 - Apple Mac)


    I have a function in my which upon the user clicking a particular button fires up Internet Explorer:

    Dim objIE As InternetExplorer
    Set objIE = New InternetExplorer
    objIE.Visible = True
    objIE.Navigate "http://intradev:2000/test.cfm"

    On the PC, incorporating the 'Microsoft Internet Controls' reference, this works fine. Great

    However, as soon as I attempt to run it on the Apple Mac, problems occur. In particular it appears the 'Microsoft Internet Controls' reference isn't even available, thus making the 'InternetExplorer' object creation useless.

    Does anybody know of a way to get round this? It is imperative that I can somehow open up an IE window using VBA somehow on the Mac.

    Any help really would be much appreciated



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    Re: Problem opening IE using VBA on the Mac - Urgent (Word 98/2001 - Apple

    Well, hmmm. Do you have anything that sounds like a browser control in the Tools, References dialog in the VBE on the Mac? I guess I'm not completely surprised that it might be different.

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