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    Saving Backup to a Different Location (OFFICE 97 SR2)

    Greetings WOPR Gurus:
    This should be a simple one to handle. I have several XL files with VBA applications that I want to have backed up each time I make changes to the code or embedded formulae. Further, I want the backup files to be on one of my hard drives rather than the share drive where the applications sit. I would be happy with a message, that would pop up each time I save the file; something like "do you want to save the backup file as well?" However, I would prefer that the users not see this message. Actually, I do NOT want the file backed after a user completes running the macros. So, how would I set it up, say using the Before Close Event, so that I am the only one that gets the message "do you want to save the backup file as well?"

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    Re: Saving Backup to a Different Location (OFFICE 97 SR2)


    I think you will need two workbooks, or make your own Save+Backup command.

    Either make a workbook with the BeforeClose enabled on your PC and when you deploy it the code gets deactivated.

    Or better yet have a macro attached to a Save Button on your PC that would do the saving in two locations.


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    Re: Saving Backup to a Different Location (OFFICE 97 SR2)

    Will something like:

    Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
    If Application.UserName = "epic60sman" Then
    savechoice = MsgBox("Backup this file to my local hard drive?", vbYesNo)
    If savechoice = vbYes Then _
    ThisWorkbook.SaveCopyAs ("C:My documentsVBA Projects" & ThisWorkbook.Name)
    End If
    End Sub

    (untested) do it? You could add a password via an inputbox if you want more protection.
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