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    How to look up data for a cell in a Pivot Table

    I have some raw data as shown in Image 1.

    I created a Pivot Table for it, mainly just for formatting purposes (the ability to nicely group and expand the sub-items). The Pivot Table is shown in Image 2.

    I need to display the LastUsageTime for each of the items (UsageName) listed in the Pivot Table. It is simply a lookup of the LastUsageTime column from the Raw Data sheet. Therefore, I cannot add this column to the Pivot Table because the PT wants me to use one of the aggregate functions. I can't do a VLOOKUP either since each of those items is not unique by itself (for example, "WIT - Bug" appears multiple times in Raw Data). However, the combination of columns TPC+TeamProjectName+UsageName is unique.

    How should I do the lookup to retrieve the LastUsageTime data?

    I'm attaching the actual Excel file here as well for reference.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I think the easiest way would be to add an additional column in the raw data that contained =ROW() formula to indicate the row.

    Then in Pivot table add a new value field, which is hte mininum of row

    Then outside the pivot table, create a formula to index on the lastusagetime column in rawdata with the min row col in the pivot table

    You can hide the minrow col in pivot table if desired.


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