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Thread: Missing emails

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    Missing emails

    I restored Win 7 Pro from an up to date Macrium image, but then found that a few emails were missing from my Windows Live Mail inbox. (I have never had this sort of thing happen before with Macrium). I was able to find them when I opened Internet Explorer and signed in to Outlook, but would much rather have them in my WLM inbox. Is there any way I can move or copy them from Outlook's inbox to WLM's inbox?

    Apart from the above, Outlook shows over 10,000 messages are in my inbox, but only 30 or so are displayed. How can I see the rest? (I have no wish to bulk read them, but would like to read them in installments, and would probably end up deleting most of them).

    Advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks and regards, Roy
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    Don't confuse Microsoft Outlook with, the first is an installed E-Mail Client and the second is Webmail/Online E-Mail. seems to be taking over from MSN mail, and

    When having a large number of messages on Webmail it may be a total of all messages including the Deleted items, have to empty those periodically or expect a message about having to do it. Also, some E-Mail Clients, such as your Windows Live Mail, can be set to leave a copy on the Server but they still need to be cleaned up now and then, check each Folder on

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