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    Saving doc as template problem. (Word2000-SR1-WinNT4.0-SP6)

    <font color=black><font face="Comic Sans MS">The users create a document template using HotDocs, then click on File, Save As, or - whatever. Then clicks on File, New & uses the template.

    Another situation: a user opens say a "Letter-1.doc", amends it and does a Save As "Letter-2.doc" and gets a message saying cannot save changes to an open template (that's the message if not the exact language - can't access office files at home). Letter-1 is quite clearly saved as a Word document.

    In addition recently when exiting Word a message is received "changes have been made that affect the globe Do you want to save changes" (again - m/be not exact language but that's the gist.). If anyone clicks on 'yes' to save changes the message is rec'd that the template is in use - window opens up to save as document template

    Any help would be appreciated. I've reviewed all my files regarding normal vs. global, etc and I've checked out the MVP site etc. and search WOPR without finding a similar situation. </font face=comic></font color=black>

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    Re: Saving doc as template problem. (Word2000-SR1-WinNT4.0-SP6)


    I think you have too many questions here, they may or may not be related.

    A basic truism: In Word templates are a special class of document. While a template normally will have a .dot extension, it can have a .txt extension or a .doc extension and it will still be a template as far as Word is concerned. See <A target="_blank" HREF=> Template Basics</A> ( for more information on the different kinds of templates, where they are stored, and how to get them to show up under the File => New dialog.

    First two questions:

    I really think that you are trying to save templates, even if you think they are documents. Word certainly thinks they are templates.

    Letter-1.doc. If your user tries to use Save As and is taken to the templates directory to save, Letter-1.doc is a template, no matter what its extension is, it is a template. Someone changed the extension from .dot to .doc in Windows. That does not make it a document.

    Change the .doc extension back to .dot. Double-click on the icon in Windows and create a new document based on this template. Save that document as Letter-1.doc. You will now have a document file. If you want, you can go under Tools => Templates and Add-Ins and set as the attached template. Then delete

    Second problem - Are you sharing on a network folder? should be in the user templates folder on the user's own computer or in a non-shared user templates folder on the network, not in a shared folder.

    If these pointers don't help, please take a single instance and describe, step-by-step from starting Word to getting the document on the screen to attempting to save, what is happening. First try saving the blank document that is created when you open Word. Any problems? Then try closing Word. Any problems? Then try reopening Word and creating a new document based on a built-in template. Save that document. Any problems? Finally, try one based on one of your templates.
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