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    Unhappy Understanding Windows 7 Disk Management

    I've been around since the MS-DOS days but have become rather confused about Windows 7's Disk Management approach. I've been used to the procedure of creating a primary partition (for the OS) and then creating an extended partition in which additional logical disk drive partitions can be created for other purposes.

    When I tried to create what I thought would be an extended partition on my Win 7 hard drive in preparation for creating several logical partitions, the Win 7 tool created another primary partition instead. I can't seem to find a reference that discusses exactly what is going on or what has changed in any of the reference books I have.

    Can anyone point me toward a good discussion of Win 7's disk management approach or otherwise help me understand what is going on -- or tell me what I did or didn't do correctly?

    Thanks, in advance, for any and all assistance.

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    Don't use the Win7 tool. It's buggy and function-limited. There are several third-party partition management tools that are much more reliable than Microsoft's tool. Several are even free -- "Easus Partition Master", "Paragon Partition Manager' and "MiniTool Partition Wizard" (my preference) will do exactly what you want.

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    The default Windows 7 disk manager tool is limited in what you can do with your partitions.
    In fact you really would be better off with one of the many 3rd party tools out there.

    I use this when needing to adjust or manipulate partitions:
    Partition Wizard Home Edition 8.1.1
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    I don't bother with extended partitions these days, I find 4 primary partitions plenty - it's new disk time after that, they're cheap.

    cheers, Paul

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