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    How to make standard Windows apps portable


    How to make standard Windows apps portable

    By Fred Langa

    Some standard apps can be made portable they don't require installation to run and can be conveniently carried around on a flash drive. Plus: A reader seeks a safe, malware-free utility for downloading videos from YouTube, and Google's new 64-bit Chrome is faster and more stable than the 32-bit version.

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    On YouTube downloaders, I've used Firefox plugins with no malware issues.
    Often, the uploaded file is MP4, making that an easy selection option - no conversion required (which can tend to reduce quality). It is also often higher quality than the default displayed.

    Lately, I've used Flash Video Downloader (which can download any available types)
    Occasionally, I use DownloadHelper, though they're a little pushier.
    I also used BYTubeD, a bulk downloader for a long series.

    DownloadThemAll is also handy for downloading other file types, like the images from a page. Occasionally you run into a site with hundreds of talks, for example. Much easier to do a managed download than one at a time.

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    On RoboForm and Chrome 64bit, but note that I didn't have the 32bit version of Chrome installed previously. I downloaded and installed Chrome 64 which went smoothly. Imported my Favorites from IE10 which also added the "Favorites bar" at the top of the Chrome window. However, when I added RoboForm as an extension, it did not work. The icon appeared (greyed out) but did not work. Went to the RoboForm website, clicked on "Platforms" then on Chrome. In the bottom part of the page on troubleshooting, the first answer - reinstalling RoboForm - solved my issue. It's this page:

    Thanks Fred!
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