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    Please Help to Verify Two Seperate Email Headers Possible Scam in Progress

    First I would like to explain the situation, and if anybody sees fit I can post the full headers (keeping some privacy of course)

    I recently received two separate orders in two consecutive days. The first order is from West Virginia and the second is from New York.

    The first order was for a very low amount and was accompanied by an inquiry, through our support page, as to how long it takes before an order is processed and shipped, and was also payed by eCheck through Paypal (immediate red flag for me since it was the first occurrence, but after a little research, I felt more secure about the eCheck). Our response was that orders are shipped within one to two business days after payment is completed and delivered within 5 - 7. So far all seems right with the world.

    The following afternoon, we received a second order for our most expensive product (a little out of the ordinary but very awesome!), and were paid in full up front through PayPal Secure Checkout (Charge Back City!!). But PayPal Payments are pretty typical for us, so still all seems right with the world.

    Here's where it starts getting a little too weird and coincidental for me to ignore. Both orders needed to be contacted by our customer support staff due to similar (practically identical, but not uncommon in our industry) issues. The part I'm having a huge problem with is that both of our support emails for these two very different orders, from different parts of the country, placed by 2 totally "DIFFERENT PEOPLE", were replied to not 3 minutes apart in the same exact wording at a very unconventional hour. 6:21am and 6:23am. Things are no longer right in the world!!!

    So the paranoid scenario I've put together from these two orders is that, one person is trying to pay the least amount possible for the most expensive product I offer. My knowledge of Email forensics is very limited and I have yet been able to calm my paranoia through my very limited email tracing skills.

    Will anyone with the proper knowledge please help me to decipher the email headers to verify they are in fact coming from either two innocent parties or one malicious scammer. I have the full headers ready to be posted up at a moments notice if anyone is willing to help. Thank you very much in advance for any info that is offered!!

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    You might find this site helpful in decoding the Email headers:


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    then why not just post the headers already ?

    my experience with paypal is very bad
    VERY bad

    if you want to risk it then you do need to be very careful about scammers

    personally i would tell them the expensive is out of stock and wont be shipped
    and to reorder that in 60 days then look and see what happens with the little one

    but since you say it is not uncommon then it might be coincidence

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