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    list box strangeness

    I have a form with some list boxes that get updated from a combo box selection. I am having some formatting issues. On the listbox I have formatted the background colour the same as form and translucent border black text. When I select an item in the combo box the list box displays the formatting like I have set all's good but some other things I select in the combo box the list box displays the text in white and background black. Sometimes the list box shows the side arrows. Its not hit and miss. Each time I select the same item its always the same formatting. There is no conditional formatting on the form. Is there somewhere else that sets the formatting that I don't know. I have set the formatting in the control properties.

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    I don't know of any formatting that can be done on a list box other than the standard format properties associated with list boxes. It is possible that something in your video card, or your video settings, is causing that behavior. Also it would help to know what version of Access you are using, and there are some differences in format capabilities between the various versions from 2000 to 2013.

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