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    How to update or copy data from master workbook (database file) to individual workbook files?


    Can someone guide me how to update data from one master data excel workbook to multiple excel workbooks kept in a single directory?

    for eg. Employee master has all the details of all employees with wages, allowances breakdown. At the year end when the wages are revised, we need to apply employees individual time sheets maintained in different wrorkbook files.

    This will be a great help for me. Employee Code will be a unique reverence between the files to check and update.

    Many Thanks

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    The data in the employee time sheets could contain links to the relevant cells in the master worksheet. This may be quite straightforward to do except for the fact that each individual employee could then look inside the master workbook and find out what everyone is being paid. I would guess this is not something you actually want to happen.

    If you are keeping all of this in a single directory, is there any 'protection' of your data from prying eyes?

    I guess we will need more information from you to work out the best way to do what you require. A macro is likely to be the best solution if your data is to be kept secure but if you don't need security then simple links are much less labour intensive.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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