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Thread: AZZ Cardfile

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    AZZ Cardfile

    Hello everyone!

    I maintain a spreadsheet for prospecting for candidates for multiple offices. Each location gets a tab.
    It is getting unwieldy, so I was thinking of moving it to so I could have a running free form area for notes.

    Anyone ever done this before?
    If so, what do you think?
    I think it just might work!

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    I've used AZZCardfile for years and like it a lot. I name the "cards" using the word(s) I think I might use when looking for it so that when the program starts I just type the word(s) of what I'm looking for, and the list is immediately narrowed to those cards. Easy to use -- you can format text, insert pics, links, whatever. It's customizable, so I've set it up to look and act the way I prefer. Good choice!

    ETA: I can't speak to your specific needs, in terms of moving your spreadsheet info. to it, but it's a fast and solid database program where I keep a lot of data. It's certainly worth testing it to see if it will act the way you hope. Just take some time configuring it to your preferences.
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