I decided to go totally tablet here for a few days, so I put away my Win 7 laptop. One of the first things I noticed, was how Outlook RT handles contacts. Or is it Windows Phone? I don't know, I do somewhat care, but #$@ its nice.
Having 2 MSFT accounts, the contacts on my phone have always been associated with the primary MSFT account. If I entered a new contact in Outlook.com, it was naturally associated with that account and showed up on my phone. If however it was entered into the secondary account the contact would not show up on my phone. Yesterday while entering contacts using Outlook RT, I noticed both accounts listed under Contacts.
Because my secondary account is the primary email I use, that account was highlighted and I entered the contact. I waited a few minutes then checked my phone to see if I was going to have to enter it into my primary MSFT account as well. Nope.... It showed up on my phone. I decided to go one further and see if I could insert photos of the contacts that were not just associated with Facebook or some other social media. I opened on of those contacts, selected a not too flattering picture, attached and saved it. Again I gave it a minute or so opened the contacts on my phone, and voila! picture included. I should note here however that those pictures still do not show up in the people tab in OneDrive.
Now here is the odd part of all of this....I use WLM on my laptop and opened it to look at the contacts, and again the contacts were there too. What I found somewhat interesting though is that they are NOT showing up in the people folder in OneDrive in the primary MSFT account... Oh well!!
Just thought it interesting!