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    Can't send email with numerous addresses

    I've been using Outlook since the DOS Horror days! I currently am using Outlook 2013. Whenever I have many addresses, say 20 or so, the email sits in the Outbox forever and refuses to move or be sent. I can even write another simple email and that email will be sent out while the multi-address email sits. It doesn't matter if the addresses are in To:, CC: or BCC. I've searched and tried all that I can think of and have no success so far. As usual, there is probably as box not checked or something simple but when you play with it long enough, you don't see anything after awhile. I even tried splitting up 20 addresses into two 10 address emails...that didn't do it either? I appreciate your help!

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    I'm not sure if this will fix it or not, but you might try creating a distribution list. You can put lots of email addresses on a single list, then send your email to the one list.

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