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    Missing Audio Mixer

    The windows audio mixer is missing (control panel - sounds and audio devices). The Control Panel item opens, but everything is greyed out. This is obviously a WINDOWS software issue, not the driver. Here are some facts...

    1) The audio device (onboard RealTech HD) is installed and working properly according to WINDOWS. (and has been uninstalled, and reinstalled with fresh drivers from the ASUS (motherboard) web site.

    2) The WINDOWS AUDIO service is started. (and restarted, and turned off and rebooted, and turned off and uninstall the audio device then rebooted start audio service and install new driver)

    3) When I run the ASUS / RealTech audio settings manager I get beautiful test sounds out of the speakers. Clearly, the audio device, and my speakers are fully functional. I would also assume that this means that the WINDOWS AUDIO service is running fine.

    4) The windows sound icon does not show up in the systray, but it does show up in the RealTech Audio Systray sub-menu. However, when you click on it, an error appears stating that there is no audio mixer installed.

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    if you dont get an answer here
    i found that the audacity help forum was best for fixing audio problems expecially realtek

    i suspect that you may have skype interaction problems
    skype does not play nice with audio and realtek from what i have heard

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