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    Bizarre problem of no Wi-Fi connections showing up - SOLVED!

    I discovered an old folder on an external HDD this week, and in amongst there was a LangaList I had saved from 2002!

    That set me thinking about this group and about how often I have used it, and I have come to respect the advice given here. Since I had just solved one of the weirder problems I had come across for a while, I thought I might be able to pay the group back a little with posting about it. Hopefully one day someone will find it useful when doing a search for it.

    It was an Asus laptop, running Windows x64 Ultimate, although I think this might well apply to any Windows computer running Wi-Fi? Clicking on the little network symbol at the bottom of the screen had always brought up the available wireless signals. When the cable router went down and I was checking what the cause might be, suddenly there was Wi-Fi signals listed either. The computer was completely isolated effectively.

    I did everything I could think of - Device manager said the Wi-Fi card was there, working perfectly and with no conflicts. It even said the driver was quite recent. So windows can see the card and use it, but there are suddenly no Wi-Fi signals around? Was it a massive cable outage and not just the router here then?

    The next day I was thinking about the laptop and it seemed unlikely to be hardware that was causing the missing Wi-Fi connections. I started thinking about all the work I had done on it two weeks ago, to clean it up...including uninstalling unused services. Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration, forget all those programs I stopped from running at start up. What if it was the one thing I had turned off in Windows features? - "Tablet PC Components"?

    Sure enough, that was the cause. Since I do not use a touchscreen, or any of the other things I usually associate with a tablet, I turned it off, thinking it would improve the computer. The problem is repeatable, it comes and goes as you turn the "Tablet PC Components" on and off. I still find it strange that it should affect Wi-Fi and also that Device Manager was giving it a perfectly clean bill of health with it turned off.

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    I still find it strange that it should affect Wi-Fi and also that Device Manager was giving it a perfectly clean bill of health with it turned off.
    I've noticed over the years that Device Manager usually doesn't care about how or whether a device is being used as long as it can identify the device. I've seen HDDs be recognized by the printed circuit on the HDD but not be usable, same for Optical drives.

    As for the Tablet PC part, I think it's because Windows can be installed on different types of machines and its easier to write the programs to cover more than one scenario but I'm not a programmer and wouldn't know how to verify my opinion.
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