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    Lightbulb IE 8 opens Excel spreadsheets in browser window instead of Excel

    Hi Everybody - This is truly a pesky problem, and I posted about it months ago as follows:

    64 bit Win-7 machine, we are running 32 bit IE8 in corporate environment. In XP, spreadsheets on our intranet opened in excel (after choice posed by IE, "open or save?"). Since Win-7, IE8 opens them in an IE window and they do not function correctly.

    I've tried the using Microsoft's "Fix it for me" tool, tried on one machine the reg fixes suggested in many places (setting new BrowserFlags entries with the appropriate dWord values). None of this has worked. The spreadsheets open inside an IE window. Google suggests I am not alone in this nagging problem.

    Any wisdom available from some kind soul?

    Thank you,


    Berton very nicely responded:

    Quote Originally Posted by Berton View Post
    Sounds like a file association problem.
    However, that is not the issue and file association restortation/manipulation did not work. I let that thread get stale due to an unexpected absence. This is an ongoing problem for us, and I'm still searching for any other suggestions. Anybody?

    Thanks for thinking about it!

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