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Thread: IE 5.5 Hangs

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    IE 5.5 Hangs

    I recently downloaded a set of critical and security updates from the Windows Update site and since then IE 5.5 hang for 10-12 seconds every time I hit Find, Search, or just try to Tab from one field to another on a Web page.

    Help please.

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    Re: IE 5.5 Hangs

    Hiya Geno,

    Unfortunately, there isnt' really enough information here to offer any real assistance. I have seen in many cases, that the Display Adapter settings can have an impact on how quickly things are navigated in Internet Explorer, In some cases, this symptom has gone so far as to lock up the entire system alltogether, making it very difficult to get much of anything done.

    I would approach your problem using the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Adjust Display Adapter Settings. Under the 'hardware' tab of your display settings, there is a 'Hardware Acceleration' slider. knock this down a notch and see if this does the trick.
    2. Check your Cache settings, Clear History, and delete all Cookies.
    3. It's hard to remove just the patch, so if all else fails, remove I.E. altogether. In most cases, this will revert you back to the version first loaded on your system. From this point, go download I.E. 5.5 SP2, where most of the critical patches and fixes have already been built into the version. I've been running this browser for quite some time, and havn't experienced any serious issues.

    Aside from this, your problem has me scratching my head... it's very strange behavior indeed. I hope this helps!
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