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    Exclamation Microsoft EMET 5.0 - Armor against zero-day bypassed again

    Microsoft EMET 5.0 Protection Bypass [YouTube]
    Published on Oct 28, 2014
    Microsoft EMET - Armor against zero-days bypassed again
    New methods make it possible to circumvent protection mechanisms of Microsoft EMET 5.0

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    After I read Windows Secrets Newsletter Issue 450 2014-09-25 Enhance Windows' online security with EMET 5 by Susan Bradley, I downloaded and installed EMET5.0 on my main Win7 64bit PC. During the following few days I had to repeatedly adjust settings because many things I need to be able to do were not working any more, especially certain websites in IE11 and Firefox. I gave up and uninstalled it, and everything has been working fine since.
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