Low end Dell Inspiron 3531. Dual core Celeron n2850 216GHz. 4 gigs ram.

About 2 weeks ago I enabled hyper-v and installed win 10 and gave it 2 gigs of ram. After trying it @ 6 times over 2 days I was not impressed with the performance and installed win 10 as a dual boot on my desktop.
Since then I have not used it on the laptop but run win 8.1 on it daily. The other day I noticed that things were running pretty poorly and blamed it on a cheap Dell.
Today I started auslogics disk defrag and it showed 43% fragmentation on my C drive. While I watched it process files I saw that almost all of it was hyper-v related.
Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is it something common or might there be something else in play here?