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    Office365 - Moving from Home to Business Premium........

    Hi there

    I have done what many people have and installed Office365 Home - it is great for the couple of machines that I have at home.

    My new small business currently has one person - me! With the licence terms, I am not allowed to use the Home licence for business. I will also want to start hiring people, and will need to give them access to the business tools we all use, so I have been looking at the Office 365 Business Premium offering.

    How do I convert to this model, without closing and re-installing my entire machine? I need to create a new MS Account as well, which means that the account I log into Windows with will have to change as well.....

    Any advice for me......... please?

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    You will not need to reinstall anything on your machine. If you upgrade using your current MS account, you won't need to do anything at all. If you upgrade and change the MS Account associated with the Office365 account, all you need to is to use any of the Office apps and choose File->Account->Switch Account, to associate your installed Office apps with the new Office365 account.

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