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    Win 7 64 updates

    The most annoying part of Windows is updates! They work sometimes, they cause problems if not in right sequence unbelievable. In any event, I now have a new dilemma... I have 4 small bit updates that go through the motions of installing and even declaring that they have installed and yet they haven't and the next shut down or boot up they rear their ugly heads! I have tried to manually install one at a time and it appears to work fine. When I reboot after it's alleged installation, I go to Windows updates and nothing happened. All four pains are still there! I thought maybe it was my fault for some unknown reason but I noticed that my wife's laptop did same!!

    Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2676562) Download size: 15 KB
    Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2871997) Download size: 23 KB
    Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2872339) Download size: 23 KB
    Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2882822) Download size: 23 KB

    I have been around since DOS so I do have enough knowledge to be dangerous. This problem leaves me clueless? I appreciate your help!

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    Run Disk Cleanup as an admin which will remove any obsolete WUs and then try them again.

    When I've done a search for those updates on my Win 7 x64 the install dates display as for -

    the 1st - 01/01/2013
    the 2nd - 13/05/2014
    the 3rd - 13/09/2013
    the 4th - 09/10/2013

    The 01/01/2013 date is probably because that is the last time I factory reset this machine so its issue date will have been earlier.

    I run Disk Cleanup as an admin after each month's updates so not sure why mine are not showing as more recent.

    You could run MS's Fixit or the applicable one in Show All

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    Next time they are offered to you (and your wife), hide them. Right-click on them, and select "hide". Hopefully you won't be offered them again.

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    See if this is of any assistance:


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    I have seen many Windows computers that had Windows Update problems, especially updates that repeatedly fail to install. Until about two years ago I would run certain batch files and/or commands in "Command Prompt", depending on the specific error(s), but these days I usually follow these steps (in order):

    1. Run the the Microsoft FixIt Tool for WU, which often fixes the problem.

    2. If the FixIt tool doesn't help try installing the System Update Readiness tool for your version of Windows.

    3. If neither steps 1. or 2. solve the problem, then you could try running Windows Repair (All In One).

    I have used Windows Repair successfully on many customers' computers during the past two years, or so. It fixes many more Windows problems than just WU issues, but I advise against overuse - only run it if you are sure there is a problem, and that Windows Repair is likely to fix it (read the documentation & follow the recommendations in the program).
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