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    Custom Doc Property / Normal template

    I want to add a custom document property to Normal template so that it's in all documents based on normal. Let's say I want the Source property to have a value of XYZ.

    I open the Normal template, add the Source property with a value of XYZ. I save and close the template and exit Word.

    I launch Word, and the document that opens with Word does NOT have the value XYZ in doc property Source.

    I'm using Word 2010. The custom doc property is stripped from the document that opens when Word is launched, and on most occasions (but not all, for some reason) from subsequent documents based on Normal. To ensure I'm using the same Normal template, I typed "This is the Normal tempate" in the main document. That text is there every time.

    I can use the NewDocument event of the Application object to add the property/value to all New Documents. But that does not cover the blank document that opens when Word launches. Any ideas?
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