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    Win7 crash dump file?

    1) where is it and how to get to it?

    2) what app will read it ?

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    To answer your first question, by default both Windows 7 x32 and x64 are set to save Kernel memory dumps to C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. (See Understanding Crash Dump Files for more info.)

    Both Kernel memory dumps and Complete memory dumps are quite large and, in my opinion, really need experts to be able to analyse them.

    Again in my opinion (and I'm more than open to listen to other people's) it's better to change the dump file setting to Small memory dump (saved to C:\Windows\Minidump) then use something like Nir Sofer's BlueScreenView to analyse them.

    To change the dump file settings, do the following:

    1. Click on Windows' Start orb.
    2. In the right-hand column of the Start list, right-click on Computer and choose Properties.
    3. In the dialog that appears, choose Advanced system settings in the left hand pane of the dialog.
    4. In the dialog that appears, click on the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section.
    5. Using the Write debugging information dropdown list, change the default setting from Kernel memory dump to Small memory dump.

    Hope this helps...

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    Also, disk cleanup, part of Windows 7, somewhere in control panel/system tools, will also delete such dump files if choice is checkmarked.
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