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    Disable SSL3 in Firefox

    This add-on seems to work fine on my Firefox 33.0.2:

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    That's good news Berton,

    When I found out I could modify one of the about:config settings I went that route,
    FF v33.0 Settings:
    Rather than use the FF add-on I set my security.tls.version.min from about:config, the original setting was 0 and I changed it to 3, but had to switch back to 1 because of all places I couldn't reach
    0 means SSL 3.0 and higher is enabled, 1 means TLS 1.0 and higher is enabled, 2 means TLS 1.1, and higher is enabled.

    The security.tls.version.max was originally 3 and I left it as is.

    Source: Vulnerability in SSL 3.0 Could Allow Information Disclosure, v1.1 | SevenForums
    if anyone else has problems with keeping SSL3 off usually because of add-ons or extensions try this:

    • >Open about:config; Copy/paste/type, about:config , into your address bar >click on "I'll be careful, I promise!
    • >Copy/paste/type, security.tls , into the Search bar
    • >Right click on security.tls.version.min >Modify >In the Enter Integer Value Box, change the 0 to a 1 >Click on OK.

    Your config should look like this:
    wss sll3 tls.JPG

    • >Close the about:config Tab.
    • >Restarting Firefox is your option.


    SSLv3 will be disabled by default in Firefox 34, which will be released on Nov 25.

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