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    I want dual (or 3?) monitors again on XP PC

    I think I need a new card.
    My video card (or the drivers) broke. Details below, but I imagine most of you don't care. I've got XP on a Dell XPS 630i.
    • The box has 2 PCI slots and 4 PCI Express slots (X1, X8, and 2 X16)
    • My monitors are all (3) 19" that I run at 1280x1024, two have old VGA connectors although I am using DVI adapters
    • Now that I write this, I guess it would be better to have all 3 hooked up
    • I don't do games, although I always think I will, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I would love your suggestions for a practical solution.

    And, if somebody wants to dig through all the drivel below and solve my problem using my existing hardware, that would be excellent. I just don't want to beat a dead horse.

    Desktop, Quad Core 2.4, XP, both monitors have VGA connectors that go into DVI adapters, have Crossfire cables connected (although I don't know if that matters) - No problems in over a year

    1) When I turned it on this AM, one screen did not display anything - "no video signal"
    2) I made sure the monitor connection was secure
    3) Crawled under desk, wiggled both video connections - the DVI adapter is not screwed in (awkward access) but the VGA plug is screwed into the DVI adapter ----- in retrospect, to remove the "stress" of gravity, I should add a "clip" at the top of the PC box and run the cables through it to relieve the weight of the assembly
    4) They both were connected but both had some play - no change at monitors
    5) Swap cables at back of video card - now both monitors displayed "no signal"
    6) Put cables back in original position, still "no signal"
    7) I shut the PC off using the power button, BUT DID NOT PULL THE POWER CORD (idiot)
    8) I wiggled the plugs going into the video card more aggressively, seeing if I sensed any play in the PCI card - they did not seem to have play, but I thought I might have heard something, so belatedly I pulled the power cord
    9) I removed the cover, made sure both cards (the Crossfire card [?] being the other), put it all back together, and rebooted
    10) Dual monitors, but I cannot use them as one desktop - #2 is a clone


    My attempts to fix the problem:
    • Display Manager / Settings -
      1. set up both screens at same resolution
      2. checked "extend my windows desktop onto the monitor and Apply (no change, no message)
      3. click "Identify" - both show "1"

    • * Using ATI's Catalyst - Display Properties - Desktop and Display Setup
      1. Left Graphic shows 2 monitors, both red
      2. Right Graphic shows 4 boxes, 1 is blue, the others are gray - clicking on 2 brings up "Do you want to extend your desktop across both" - YES - no change

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    You don't mention uninstalling the video drivers and then reinstalling them. (simplest)

    I'm also assuming you have two video cards installed on each of the PCIe X16 slots?
    Remove one, test, and repeat with the other. (one at a time)
    -Also test the slots themselves.

    What are your GPU cards and how old are they?
    The video card's control panel settings?
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