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    Can't download and run apps from Windows store

    I have a brand new Lenovo Yoga Pro with Windows 8.1.
    I can't download and run programs from the store.
    If I try to download and install an app from the Windows store, I get a pop up banner that says, “This app can’t install. Check the Windows Store for more about [name]. Go to the store.”

    So I click on “Go to the Store” and it takes me back to the Store’s installation page for the app, and the banner “This app needs to be repaired” pops up, and a “repair” button. I click on the “repair” button and it sends me back to the store page, this time with a pop up in the top right corner that says, “[app name] has been installed.” But when I go back to it and click on it, I get the first banner that says “this app can’t install; check the windows store.”

    It's maddening. Can anyone offer a solution?

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    I'm thinking it's a faulty install[?]

    First off, in order to download anything from the store you'll need to sign in with an MS account.
    If this isn't the case and you've already signed in with an MS account, then fully uninstall
    the app in question, use a mild registry cleaning tool to remove the leftovers, then run a sfc /scannow.
    I'd also perform a system restart once the above is completed. (reboot)

    Normally I wouldn't advise the use of registry tools, but there are some situations where they may be needed,
    and that is provided you have a backup in place, preferably an image based backup.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    If you continue experiencing problems with an app, or if you're unable to open the Store, try running the Apps troubleshooter.

    Troubleshoot problems with an app

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