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    Question Multi User Split Database on Amazon s3 - issues

    Hi, all.

    I (believe I) have faithfully followed all the instructions for Splitting a Microsoft Access database into a frontend and backend. It is a tiny, 4 record "database" of junk so I could test out how it works with Amazon's S3.

    When I open the front end database on two user machines (both with shared open and NO LOCKS on records) I am unable to add records to the back end database from one of the machines.

    Access is behaving as if the other "open" file isn't actually open or editing even though it should.

    I am sure this is my fault because I am new to this stuff.

    Is there anything else I should have done to "make it go" ? I want 3 users to be able to add and/or edit records simultaneously to the database.

    Thanks so much ahead of time.

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    Well, I've not had experience with the Amazon S3 and how it handles file locking and such, but at a local network level each user must have full read-write permissions on the back-end file as well as the folder that it is contained within. It appears from a quick web search that others are experiencing the sort of problems you are seeing, so I don't think it is your fault.

    Are your users in the same location (i.e. on the same LAN) or are they geographically separated? If they are co-located then you might consider using a backup arrangement that stores backups on S3, and you will get significantly better performance. If they are not, you may want to consider a back-end using SQL Azure or mySQL. Also it would help to identify your options if we knew what version of Access you are using.

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