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    Question Font changing to a smaller 10pt version upon opening of document

    I am a trouble-shooter, trainer and template-maker for a large law firm, who deals with governmental Boards who have very specific requirements. I have been creating the basic same set of templates for this Board for 17 years, from Word 6.0 to Word 2007 and now Word 2013.

    In the last month, I am getting reports of Board members who open a document and the 12 pt. Arial font converts throughout the document to 10 pt. The only 10 pt. font used in the document is in the footer, where the document locator code field is 10 pt.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before? Any clues of how to begin to troubleshoot? Since it happens randomly, I have asked the attorney to notify me IMMEDIATELY when it does, without correcting the problem, so that I can come to the user's desk and examine the document.

    I would appreciate any help the Forum can give.

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    Check the Templates and Addins to see if the template styles are set to 'automatically update on open'. This is a document setting so that might make it appear random.

    Do they have your template available on their machines?
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Equally importantly, if the font is changing and the 'automatically update on open' option is set, that suggests the font size in the template is 10pt. Having the 'automatically update on open' is meant to guard against people altering the Styles but that's of limited benefit if the Styles in the template have the wrong specifications.

    Paul Edstein
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    ...also could the document itself have an embedded, set, font? Would that over-ride any previous set up template?
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