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    Word to form body of emails sent using Thunderbird

    I have various word documents that are created from Word Templates. The resulting documents I want to send as the body of an email to clients for them to reply and respond to. There is basic text and tables in which they are to write their response.
    I want the documents in Word format to save in a local directory and remain editable and the reply as to print and save as a pdf. I can't use a TB template email since I require the document sent to be in Word format.
    I believe there is 'sent to recipient' as a command button in Word but I can't see who to make the above happen.
    Has anyone any suggestions?

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    Just my 2 cents worth...
    I can see at least two possible negative consequences to your idea:

    1) An e-mail formatted in such a way as you describe would be much more likely to make a recipient's Anti-Virus program scream bloody murder.

    2) If I received such an In-Your-Face e-mail that somehow didn't alarm my A-V program, I could pretty much guarantee you a non-response.

    A much less intrusive approach would be more likely to get you successful replies. Send the word doc as an attachment, being sure to explain what the document is and its purpose in the body of the e-mail. This would give recipients the option to A-V file scan the document before opening it and also give them the opportunity to at least consider your proposal before hitting the DELETE! button.
    Happy Computing,


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    Alternatively you could make it a PDF form that they can fill in and email to you. There are a few PDF programs that will create forms for you.

    cheers, Paul

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    I don't have Word. Would I be able to work your form?

    If you have Acrobat, this may help -

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