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    Question Remote Registry question

    I am installing a new SATA boot drive in WIN XP SP 2.
    I run multiple drives in one machine, one IDE and 2 SATA.
    Rather than re install everything from scratch I tried just copying all the files from my old drive to my new.
    This worked flawlessly on an IDE drive, BUT my problem with the SATA drive is that the new SATA drive is a different model, and WINDOWS will not boot from it it until i install the driver in ITS registry which I can't do until it boots. ARGH.
    So I tried this:
    I booted from my IDE drive, and loaded the HIVE of the SATA drive into regedit, BUT when I tried to unload the hive back to the SATA drive I get ACCESS DENIED. Tried everything, changing the security permissions of the whole drive to allow full access - that did not work.
    Then I noticed this REMOTEREGISTRY service in the services.msc panel that i never used before and have set to disabled.
    So here is my question:
    If I ENABLE the remote registry service will that solve the ACCESS DENIED issue?
    Do I need the enable that service on the PC I am using to edit (the IDE), or in the saved files on the SATA drive I am trying to revive (that I can, because I still have the original drive I am replacing, so i can enable REMOTE REGISTRY there, then copy the changed files to the new SATA drive)
    Or is there an easier way I am missing?
    Please do not offer any ideas that involve installing any new software - not going to happen. THANK YOU

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    No software method; change the SATA controller to IDE or legacy mode in the BIOS. Software method (boot CD); Paragon has a utility, often included in their free version giveaways that looks at a drive containing an OS and makes it compatible to run (start) on the system it is attached to. The SATA drive OS is not compatible with the SATA controller so it's essentially a foreign or "new" system as far as the OS is concerned so this usually works because it replaces the SATA controller with one that is compatible.

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    Windows won't care about the model of SATA drive, only that you have drivers for the SATA controller, which you do.
    If you have the IDE as the boot drive at present you need to either re-install or use a backup program that will restore to new hardware. Most of the paid backup programs have that option.

    cheers, Paul

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