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    The Windows Defender keys and entries


    Where can I find an updated guide on the registry keys and entries of the latest version of Windows Defender for all versions and editions of Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.x?



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    Any good registry editor can give most if not all Windows Defender keys, entries, etc.
    However, let me warn you of an experience I had! Awhile back, in W7, I tried to uninstall, remove registry stuff, Windows Defender -- I ended up invalidating, unauthenticating, my legal-beagle Windows 7 Pro. I highly recommend that you leave Windows Defender, regardless of W7 or W8 or W10 completely alone. If you wish, goto WD's Options, somewhere in there you can turn off everything for WD, that is the only area I recommend messing with Windows Defender. Incidentally, I ended up having to reinstall W7 from scratch in order to have again a validated, authenticated W7.
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