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    1 Com Port - 2 devices

    I currently have my palm pilot working quite happily through com 1 and the single serial port at the back of my laptop / Win NT.

    I want to connect my phone so I disconnected the palm connected the phone and let the phone software find all the h/w and it worked OK.

    Took off the phone reconnected t he palm and rebooted.

    Win Nt now says the device is in use and will not let the palm software start.

    I uninstalled the phone software and am now back to the start.

    How can I load both programs and swap palm phone applications?



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    Re: 1 Com Port - 2 devices

    I don't believe nobody answer you yet!
    It doesn't matter how many DB9 serial port connectors are on your computer; different COM ports can communicate through the same connector.
    From Control Panel, double click Ports and click Add button. Add COM port 4 (it is recommended to avoid potential conflicts). Now install your phone software and assign it to COM 4 (I don't know which software it is, sometimes you need to choose Custom installation instead of Typical).
    Now, when you connect your Palm, it will communicate through COM1, and when you connect your phone, it will communicate through COM4.

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