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    Outlook 13 & W8.1 suddenly taking ages to send emails

    Using Outlook 13 with W8.1, both machines in our office are seemingly taking ages to send emails.....message says "server not responding".....emails finally go after several minutes of opening & closing Outlook.

    ISP claims "not our fault" & "not our ball, we didn't break window" etc, etc

    Anyone had similar, please?

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    The proper name is Outlook 2013 or Office 2013, there was no version 13. The applications in Office 2013 are Version 15. It can make a big difference due to changes between different versions.

    Have you set Outlook's POP and SMTP to what the ISP requires? Some use the defaults but others change the Outgoing to something else like port 645 instead of 25 while 110 remains as Incoming. Does your ISP require Authentication to be checked?

    Or are you using IMAP? Does your ISP provide Webmail/Online E-Mail access [web page]? If so can you log into it and send a message without problems?
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