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    Essential PIM

    I have been using Microsoft Outlook since probably introduction, both for personal and professional purposes.
    Before Outlook [ummm... when dinosaurs roamed the earth], we relied on Franklin Planners (or Day Planners) for keeping calendars and contact information, using paper and pencil.
    When Franklin introduced their Ascend software to allow migration to the new digital frontier, I painstakingly transferred all my contacts and watched that Ascend program morph into an ugly beast over the years.
    They finally introduced a version that was supposed to work in concert with Outlook and that was when all my contact data and other information got mangled by Ascend.
    I was a paying customer of FranklinPlanner (then, FranklinCovey and then, Acme) for 25+ years but when my data permanently got corrupted; I decided never to trust any single program with all of my important contact data, ever again.
    Over the ensuing years and a little at a time, I started putting all my faith in MicroSoft Office/Outlook but I have always had trepidation that someday it may also let me down and leave me 'contactless'.
    So, over the years/decades, I have devised methods to never again lose my important data again. I normally save my PST file in a second drive in case of a corruption or malware attack to the OS drive. I also make backups of the PST periodically and also use Acronis to archive my data at least every 3 months on other drives.
    Recently, in search of another means to backup my contacts and calendar (birthdays and such), I ran across a program called EssentialPIM ( that was a delight to use and to import all of my Outlook information into; for alternative methods of safe keeping them.
    EssentialPIM has both a FREEware version and PAYware (pro) version.
    Its user interface is very similar to Outlook's UI and very simple to use >> especially, if you can work around the idiosyncrasies of Outlook.
    It also has a feature to be able import Keepass password data into itself and it is designed fairly secure with passwording for protection.
    The synching features are fairly robust and is also compatible with Office365.
    EPIM data can be a flat csv database, for future safekeeping and compatibility, as well!
    No, I don't work for this EPIM company but I would highly recommend its usage along with Outlook.
    Especially, if you are like me >> once bitten and twice shy!
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