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    Exclamation RoboForm update

    The WindowsSecrets newsletter has given RoboForm top kudos more than once. Nonetheless, a Google search of RoboForm seemed sensible before installing it. Here is but one of many surprising results. Reviews on Amazon: amazon(dot)com/Roboform-Password-Manager-Filler-Version/product-reviews/B000NKPFAM Purchasers of the boxed edition of RF were promised "free upgrades forever". Unfortunately, that was a lie. The truth was really free upgrades, until the next RF version is released, which you must then purchase. Hmmm. . . Not much RoboForm honesty here!

    If you go to the RoboForm(dot com) website, in giant font at top of page, you read "You'll never need to remember or type your passwords again - all for Free." The truth is that is that RoboForm offers no free software at all. Again, serious lack of honesty here! Well, I guess if you're going to lie, might as well tell a whopper.

    It seems most folks realize that the internet can be a pretty scummy place, and that they must proceed carefully. But I have a very different standard selecting a company which promises to keep my most valuable data secure. When a company openly demonstrates such abysmal integrity keeping its promises, I find them fairly screaming "If you trust us, you are a fool." 'Think I'll stay with LastPass.

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    AFAIK, there is a free version of RoboForm. There are some limitations to the free version.

    I believe that RoboForm changes their terms a few years ago so that you now get minor updates to the current version free. When there is a major release there is an upgrade charge if you use the desktop version. RoboForm Everywhere has an annual charge and includes all updates/upgrades.


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    You don't believe everything you read on the Internet now do you? Especially, reviews when you have no idea who the reviewer is.

    Here's my experience with RF, of course you don't know who I am either! ROTFLOL.gif

    I purchased 4 RF 7 licenses in 2011 and have been updating them ever since. I've installed & uninstalled them on different computers only having a problem once then a quick email and my license was reset when I explained that I had new computers. I think the program works great and I keep a lot of information other that UIDs & PWs in RF using the Safe Notes feature. It's going to take more than a charge for an upgrade to the next version, after 4 years to get me to switch. BTW my old RF 6 Pro license is still active if I want to install out of date software. HTH
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