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    Student Enrolment Database

    I am embarking on setting up a access database to manage training data. Its the Many to Many relationship that is new to me. I have searched the net for some simple advice and become more confused. Can anyone direct me to where I can find info that explains this in a simple visual way? Or a template that I can get started with.

    I want to record courses, course events (or sessions) , students, student enrolments, training providers, venues.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    I don't know your level of DB training/experience but this is quite a complex task. Here's some things to keep in mind.

    • Students
    • Courses
    • Sessions
    • Venues
    • Providers
    • Enrollments - This is probably a helper table to connect Students - Courses - Sessions

    • Students to Courses or Enrollments (Design choice) - Many to Many
    • Courses to Sessions - One to Many
    • Venues to Sessions - One to Many
    • Sessions to Enrollments - One to Many
    • Venues to Courses - Many to Many
    • Providers to Sessions - One to Many (unless you have shared teaching assignments)

    Many to many relationships usually require a Helper Table (like Enrollments) that just stores foreign keys to link the tables properly.

    I hope this gives you some useful things to think about. I used to use a smaller version of this as an exercise in an Access course and it was pretty complicated for the students.

    Note: This is just an "off the top of my head" list of ideas!

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