When trying to start the program Syncios, the program crashes and a dialog box with the following message appears:
"xmlbufcontent not located in libxml2.dll".

I am experimenting with a non-iTunes program, Syncios, to backup and transfer individual portions of my iPhone 5 to a new iPhone 6. Syncios installed properly and loaded, worked properly, then crashed. Both Syncios and iTunes ended up with corrupted files, the Apple Mobile Device service would not start, nor would the two programs. I don't know how nor why the corruption occurred.

After restoring to an earlier date, and reinstalling both programs, only Syncios will not load. At first, it was listed in the task manager, but would not open in a window. Checking Windows|System 32, I noticed that libxml2.dll was missing. I found it in an EASEUS backup I had done, and copied it to the System 32 folder. Despite this, Syncios crashes when I try to load it, does NOT appear in Task Manager, and the same error message appears.

Can anyone help me solve this problem? Or perhaps suggest another program that could replace iTunes for accessing iPhone data?

Note: Using Dell XPS M1530 and Vista.