Has anyone run across an error like this?: "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one." This is in the Windows 10 Tech Preview Setup.

I have installed Win 10 Tech Preview twice before (once on this same drive in this same location) and never hit this problem.

I also tried deleting the partition and let Setup create a new one, which it does. However the one it creates gets the same error and it places the new partition after the w7-64-c shown in the screen shot using the Unallocated space. I've tried resizing it and even changing it to Logical, but always the same error.

This drive had a Windows 10 partition in the same place (partition 3) a few weeks ago, but I had to recover partition 2, so I recovered the entire drive and the original Windows 10 partition was not backed up as I didn't care if I lost it. Now when I try to re-install Win 10, I get this error.

I've tried searching for a solution, but can't find one that works.
Any suggestions? I have no idea where the Setup log files are located after this error since I am running setup from a DVD.