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    Multi level list in TOC, how to change hanging indent

    I am creating a large document with three levels in the multi-level list. I have managed to get the list set up and working great in the body of the document. I'm looking for help with the way the auto-generated TOC looks.
    The hanging indents for the multi-level list items is too large and makes the TOC harder to read.
    I have tried a few different ways to modify the TOC2, TOC3 and TOC4 styles (Heading 1 is not part of the multi level list). I can modify the indent of the whole TOC item and the vertical spacing. But I can't find a way to set the indent following the number.
    It's not life and death. I could deliver the report this way. I found I can even manually modify the indent once I generate the whole TOC but what a pain - exactly what styles are meant to help us avoid.
    I've attached a screen cap so you can see what I mean.

    If this is a duplicate post, apologies. I thought I'd posted this question yesterday but a thorough search showed no sign of it.
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    Usually, just selecting a given paragraph break within the TOC such that the TOC Style name appears, then formatting the paragraph via Format Paragraph is sufficient to change the Style.

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