I have an HP Touch Smart IQ500 Series PC (circa 2009). This is all in one with a 23 inch (no longer touch screen). The hard drive fried a couple of years ago and I had it replaced and had to recover the data from the old drive. I now use Carbonite. I noticed that the Touch Screen functions did not work after the tech installed the new hard drive and loaded it with Windows 7. The computer was bought as a Windows Vista OS and shortly after purchase upgraded to Windows 7. Everything was working fine until the crash. I have contacted the tech that installed the new hard drive and also HP and the only answer I get is that the functionality of the Touch Screen features were built into the original Vista OS and that they did not get installed with the new hard drive and update version of the OS. I have contacted HP and they inform me to upgrade drivers from their web site. I have done this and get no where. Touch Screen is still not working. May this be a hardware problem which was not re-assembled correctly when installing the new hard drive? All works fine and I have gone for about two years with out the Touch Screen functions of this machine. It would be nice to have them back. Would it do any good to upgrade to Windows 8.1 or to wait for 10 since they were built for touch screen? Any insight would help with the decisions on how soon to upgrade to a new OS or machine. Thanks