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    Firefox 33.1 Privacy

    I've been wondering how people feel about the new Firefox Tiles feature and privacy. Tiles is able to "suggest" sites that oyu might like by collecting data for sites you have visited. Of course Mozilla stance is that I can trust them with data collection. My response to Mozilla is that's what they all say. I received a response from Mozilla regarding my concerns. I'm interested in people's opinions. I'm really surprised that this data collection practice hasn't caused more of a negative response. Maybe I missed it.

    Data collection is an intrusion or at least a privacy concern when you want it to be. Not all the time… There are times when data collection might actually be positive for you. In terms of what we’re doing with the Tiles experience, it’s very different than what you’ve proposed below. Per previous posts, yes, we’re logging information about impressions, clicks, pins, and closeouts but that’s pretty much it. There is zero identifiable information and it’s all aggregated and batched. When comparing us to ad networks or other means of digital display advertising, there is a huge delta of information that we do not collect… that pretty much everyone else does.

    We are a user agency. We believe that advertising isn’t necessarily bad, butt here is some advertising that certainly is. Maybe not the creative itself, but the actual tracking and surveillance pieces. What we are doing here at Mozilla is cleaning up the ecosystem and within Firefox, this is the first piece of it.

    We hope that you stick with us. You are in complete control of the experience (i.e. you can turn it all off, turn off an individual tile, etc) so if you don’t like something, you can remove it.

    I also ask that you think about what the true “fight” is. If you are using Firefox for as long as you have… you understand the values and mission of Mozilla. Instead of fighting the browser… lets fight against the closed ecosystem and provide innovation, opportunity, and openness for all.


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    I didn't like it when Chrome started it....moved to Mozilla and they started doing it, then went back to IE....MS is doing it...they are all doing in my opinion.

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